Our Fertility Journey: We’re Pregnant!


So if you haven’t heard by now, There is a little Baby Kozy growing in my belly! The news was the absolute BEST we could have ever imagined for! A true miracle! But I am getting absolutely flooded with questions, so… like I do with everything in my life, I am ready to share!


Recap of our fertility journey

October 12, 2015- I was diagnosed with Er/Pr+ HER2- breast cancer at 26 years young

October 2015– went through IVF for egg retrieval and egg/ embryo freezing due to the need for aggressive chemo. My fertility specialist did not take every egg she saw, she had a very specific qualification based on the size after fertility treatments and harvested a grand total of 14 eggs. From there, we made the decision to split them half and half pending my genetic testing results (which I did later find out I carry the PALB2 gene). 7 eggs were immediately frozen. The other 7 met Johns sperm and we attempted fertilization of embryos under a microscope of course (gosh no privacy I tell ya!) Once again, another long and stressful process… but out of our 7 embryos, 3 made it to day 3 and we’re deemed “viable” for freezing.

(Circa 2015- The beginning of my cancer journey all started … Read More

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