EndoPredict Test


The EndoPredict Test, offered by Myriad Genetics, Inc., is a genomic test for people newly diagnosed with early-stage, estrogen-receptor-positive, HER2-negative breast cancer.

Research suggests the EndoPredict test may be widely used to help make treatment decisions based on the cancer’s risk of coming back in a part of the body away from the breast (distant metastasis) within 10 years after diagnosis. The EndoPredict test provides a risk score that is either low-risk or high-risk of breast cancer recurring as distant metastasis.
Knowing if the cancer has a high or low risk of recurrence can help women and their doctors decide if chemotherapy or other treatments to reduce risk after surgery are needed.

What are genomic tests?

Genomic tests analyze a sample of a cancer tumor to see how active certain genes are. The activity level of these genes affects the behavior of the cancer, including how likely it is to grow and spread. Genomic tests are used to help make decisions about whether more treatments after surgery would be beneficial.

While their names sound similar, genomic testing and genetic testing are very different.

Genetic testing is done on a sample of your blood, saliva, or other tissue and can tell if you have an abnormal change (also called a mutation) in a gene that is linked to a higher risk of breast cancer. See the Genetic Testing pages for more information.

Who is eligible for the EndoPredict test?

You may be a candidate for the EndoPredict test if:

  • you’ve recently been diagnosed with stage I or II estrogen-receptor-positive, HER2-negative breast cancer
  • there is no cancer in your lymph nodes (node-negative disease) OR you have cancer in one to three lymph nodes
  • you and your doctor are making decisions about chemotherapy

If …

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